HGA's Joel White Writes for The Daily Signal on the Need to Overhaul Medicare Plan Finder

When it comes to making health care insurance decisions, seniors are told they can depend on the Medicare Plan Finder (MPF) to get reliable and accessible information. In fact, a new report from HGA's Clear Choices Campaign and the National Council on Aging finds this government website is failing to deliver on its promises, earning grades of "D" or "F" in 7 out of 12 scoring criteria. 

These findings highlight a number of MPF challenges for beneficiaries, ranging from the unavailability of human support, to language that is unfamiliar to the typical consumer, to confusing out-of-pocket cost estimates.

HGA's Joel White wrote more about our findings in an op-ed for The Daily Signal, appropriately titled "Another Government-Run Website is Failing, and It's Not Healthcare.gov.